XL Sanitary Pad


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JINE2LIFE Ultra Regular Soft XL Sanitary Napkin Pads with Dry Top Layer for Women,Anti bacterial Sanitary Pads With Gel Technology(42 Pads, 280mm Each).

JINE2LIFE, the complete feminine intimate hygiene expert, brings to you a super-value pack of 40 XXL sanitary pads with a cottony-dry top layer designed to keep you away from moisture for longer during periods, while protecting your skin from rashes and tanning. These 320mm long pads are ideal for daytime as well as overnight use. The cottony-dry top layer guides menstrual fluid into the gel core quickly, keeping your sensitive intimate area dry and fresh at all times. Its 8-layer protection, extra-large pads, odour-locking gel-core system and an advanced leak protection come together to give you the confidence to live life fully even during your menstrual cycle. Unlike most sanitary pads in the market today, the advanced contours of these everteen sanitary napkins feature a double-wing shape for a better grip that keeps the pad in place even during prolonged use.



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